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Hello! So glad you found this website about travelling as a vegetarian. In this website, you will find vegetarian restaurant reviews from restaurants featuring vegetarian food in North America to start (I will progress to international reviews in the next few years).

You see, my husband and I love to travel! As vegetarians though, it is not always obvious how to keep a healthy vegetarian diet while travelling across North America. When surrounded with McDonald`s, Denny`s, Pancake House, etc… How are health conscious Americans and Canadians supposed to find clean food on the road?

I decided to start this website to help those who wish to eat well while traveling to be able to travel longer and cleaner. Here is what you can expect t find on this website. Sign up for updates on the right to receive regular updates in your inbox.

1-Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews: As we discover new restaurants, I will be reviewing them here.

2- Animal Sanctuary Features: Also, since I am a vegetarian due to my deep love of animals, I love to visit animal sanctuaries and to drag my husband along:) He was definitely not born to be a farmer so he tolerates my cow hugging and chicken admiring with love and humor!

3- Vegetarian Events– Of course vegetarian festivals are high on my list of favorite holiday destinations! To be surrounded by kindred souls, delicious vegetarian food everywhere, discovering new vegetarian products and hearing vegetarian speakers and to see vegetarian cooking demonstrations…. wow! I will love sharing the excitement and discoveries from vegetarian festivals across North America

Top 4 Ways to Eat a Healthy Vegetarian Diet While Traveling

1- BYOF– Bring your own food.

Pack a cooler full of snacks such as nuts, rice cakes, veggies and dip such as hummus or baba ghanouj, sandwiches and items to make wraps, green juice and any other family favorites.

2- Find vegetarian restaurants on the road.

One of the joys of traveling is discovering new vegetarian restaurants. Oh what fun it is to choose a meal at a new healthy restaurant and to be delighted by the caring folks running these compassionate businesses.

3- Cook for yourself.

Cooking some or all of your own meals will save you lots of money and will allow you to have a much more enjoyable trip. Of course if you are going away for the weekend, cooking for yourself may not be feasible unless you are camping or in a motel room with a kitchenette. Slow travel in a rented or housesit appartment or home will allow you to be much more independant on the meal-front.

4- Shop for your own groceries.

Another favorite activity while traveling for foodies and travelers who want to eat healthy while traveling is shopping for food.  Attending a Farmer`s Market while traveling really gives you an insight on foods that grow in the area you are visiting and of the people that grow the food. Shopping in grocery stores in foreign destinations also allows for a good glimpse into the lives of the people who live there. If experiencing the real life of locals in the places you visit excites you, plan to shop for groceries while traveling.

Looking forward to sharing reviews and informative content about eating vegan while travelling for work or for pleasure.

by Sophie Castonguay


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