Meet in Gastown, Vancouver, BC

Meet in Gastown is a trendy, super inviting and delicious vegan restaurant in the heart of the gorgeous sea level port  city of British Columbia, Canada.  Gastown, the original downtown district of Vancouver, is now a hip, contemporary area with restaurants, tourist oriented businesses and upscale as well as budget housing.

Vancouver is a busy, green and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful city. With the mountains melting into the ocean, this world class city leaves a mark on your soul and begs you to return soon.

Ok, enough gushing on Vancouver and on to Meet!

Meet in Gastown has a simple yet powerful philosophy. “A place to get food and drink the way you want it at neighbourhood prices. It`s a comfortable space to connect with friends and not worry about anyone being left out.`

Meet is a welcoming area where people of any diet preference can leave happy and full with no compromises. I didn`t notice anywhere that it said vegan on signage, which is great because it attracts a wide variety of people, not just vegans. On the menu itself it does state:  `all menu items are vegan and mostly gluten free`.

We felt very comfortable at Meet and would definitely go back and also try their other location at Meet on Main. We would be regulars if we lived there since it is really the perfect spot to meet with friends or business associates in a casual setting.

Our waitress was adorable! She had a way of gently looking into your soul without being intrusive. Just a sweetheart, helpful and considerate.

My husband was craving a burger so he had the award winning Meet Burger. It was moist and juicy just like a burger should be and not dry like a lot of the veggie burgers on the market. The burger was loaded with sautéed mushrooms, onion rings, veggies and spicy mayo. He had to cut it in half to be able to eat it! It came with a delightful little side salad and the perfect amount of crispy fries with large salt to add to the experience. All in all, he loved it and it went down really well with their local mild blond Phillips ale.

I was craving something healthy so I had The Lovely Bowl. It was kale, broccoli, red pepper with tofu and carrots over brown rice. The almond satay sauce is what made it delicious along with the toasted coconut bacon. It was a creamy taste sensation with the myriad of textures and tastes in my bowl.  No annoying spiciness, just depth of flavour. My bowl also blended well with the smoothness of a Phillips beer especially out on the patio on a beautiful Vancouver day.

As we were full, we took our dessert to go. We got the Cheezcake in the cutest little mason jar to go. The flavour of the day was rhubarb strawberry and I absolutely loved it as I ate it overlooking the mountains and waiting for the ferry to Vancouver Island. The base was made of almonds, raisins and walnuts while the creamy main part of the cheezcake was probably made of cashews and was the perfect blend of tanginess and creaminess. Finally, the rhubarb topping was sweet but not too sweet.

Meet in Gastown :

12 Water Street, Inner Courtyard


Website for Meet 

Meet on Facebook

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