Pizza Lucé in Minnesota

This was our second visit to Pizza Lucé in Duluth Minnesota and it was even better than I remembered!  This location in Duluth is one of seven in Minneapolis with other locations in Minneapolis, Hopkins, Richfield, Roseville and St Paul.

This restaurant is impressive and should be a role model for restaurants everywhere. Their menu is basically flexitarian and very customizable. The items include standard American diet, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, the menu consists of sandwiches, hoagies, appetizers, soup, salads, desserts and of course pizza! Oh and it’s a bar as well.

The service was quick, efficient and friendly. The decor casual, artsy, comfortable and colorful yet classy at the same time as artistic.

For our appetizer we had the Lucky Birds Nuggets, Buffalo style vegan nuggets: chicken nuggets without the chickens. Served with Dijonnaise, BBQ sauce & celery stalks. Spicy, soft on the inside; crispy yet not stiff. Really tasty!

Then for our main course, my husband and I shared a pizza. His half had cow cheese on it and mine had Daiya vegan cheese. They actually had 2 kinds of cheese. The other one they call Rinotta which is a nut based cheese they make on site. I tried it last time and it was really good but this time I wanted an ooey gooey cheese that spreads and melts all over the pizza as opposed to spots of deliciousness splattered over the pizza.

The Rustler BBQ Pizza is the one we tried this time. It had mock duck , pineapple, banana peppers, red onion and BBQ sauce. Great combination of taste with the sweet, the spicy, the savoury and the thin yet solid crust supporting it all. Yummy! Last time we had tried the Wild Mushroom Pizza which was really good too. Their pizza topping combinations range from traditional to truly unique. What I loved the most of course was that they were all or almost all veganizable.

Other items on the menu that I really wanted to try but that will have to wait till next time are: Meatball Appetizer, Mock Chicken Dijon Sandwich, Mock Muffuletta Hoagie, Mock Chicken Parmigiana and the Mock Sausage Parmigiana…to name but a few of the vegan options at Pizza Lucé.


Pizza Luce

11 East Superior Street Duluth, MN 55802

                                                      (218) 727-7400

Website for Pizza Luce

Facebook for Pizza Luce

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