Saskatoon, Saskatchewan & The Karma Conscious Café

img_9098For my birthday this year, when my husband asked what I wanted, I said: I want to go explore Saskatchewan.

As we were planning our trip, people would ask: Why Saskatchewan? And the answer was always: Because we’ve never been there!

We flew to Winnipeg then rented a car to drive across the prairies and I’m so glad we did! Those were some of the most beautiful scenic fields I ever did see..even if most crops had already been harvested by the time we got there in early October. Whoever said that Saskatchewan was boring because it was too flat was not a crop lover that`s for sure. The colors of the grain contrasted against the clear blue sky, the rivers and the grain silos were breathtaking and we soaked in the beauty of this productive Canadian province.

img_9063Obviously, when I travel, I’m always on the lookout for vegan restaurants. And we did find a few… The one I will review today is the one that stood out the most in Saskatoon. In Regina, we went to a Thai restaurant and an Indian restaurant where you can always find vegan food 🙂 Honestly though, we found a chain of health food stores called Dad’s Organic Market which had all you would expect to find in a grocery store but healthier. We kept going back there to buy takeout frozen items that we would warm up in our motel room along with some frozen treats. Also found a lot of great souvenirs there like barley, oats, chickpeas, lentils, etc… all grown in Saskatchewan!

img_9050On to our experience at The Karma in Saskatoon. First, let me say that Saskatoon is busy! The traffic is crazy! But we went to Karma early on a Saturday morning and were able to avoid the traffic and found parking right in front of the café. The cozy café has outdoor seating for the summer months to expand its seating capacity and appeared to have a coffee cart on wheels.

img_9049I initially became interested in Karma Café when I learnt that this place practices what it preaches. Karma donates 3% of its proceeds to local charities and promotes the doing of good deeds around town. Owned by a husband and chef wife, this fusion style vegetarian and vegan restaurant operates on the principle that what comes around goes around.

“From a young age our parents always mentioned importance of doing good deeds “karma” and that is what we have tried to practice, and bring to the Karma everyday.“

img_9051On to the food…

First, let`s talk about the drinks. If you`re a coffee lover, this is the place for you! They have all kinds of specialty coffees, espressos, hot cocoa, macchiato, cafe lattes, herbal teas, British tea, as well as some specialty drinks such as a Vanilla and Coconut Matcha Hot Smoothie and a Raw Cacao & Goji Hot Smoothie. My husband had a latte and said it was delicious but I`m not into coffee so can`t comment on this part… although I now realize I could of tried a tea at least!

img_9057We started off our lunch with a vegan nacho plate called Naanchos that was different than any I had ever had before. It was kind of a fusion between Mexican and Indian food. It had chickpeas, black beans, tomatoes and peppers on naan bread crisps instead of the traditional nacho chips. These were very delicious topped with vegan cheese, served with salsa and we gobbled up every stray bit.

img_9059Then, for my main course, I had the Sriracha Bahn Mi Bowl with quinoa and tofu but I really wanted to try everything. Each selection sounded so good it was a very hard decision to choose just one! Luckily my husband chose the La Mexicana wrapped in a Naan bread so I was able to try that too. Next time we go back, I really want to try The Very Yogini Vegan Falafel or the Malaysian Laksa Curry Bowl… Oh wait, the summer rolls sounded delightful too. They had lots of baked and unbaked goodies too that looked so good but we were stufffed and couldn`t eat another bite after our main course. Overall, I would definitely recommend this delightful restaurant and would love to go back to try more. I would certainly avoid going during busy times in the winter because the seating must be impossible to find.

The Karma Conscious Café- 2-157 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

(306) 249-2554

img_9053Karma Café`s Website

Karma on Instagram

Karma Café on Facebook

Oh wait…

img_9062I need to mention this other fantastic place we went to in Saskatoon…

We were driving along when all of a sudden I yelled to my husband: Turn Here!!

I saw a sign saying: Vegan Options so obviously I had to investigate…

img_9064It turned out to be a bakery called The Griffin Takeaway  and they had tons of vegan choices. Like, gourmet dessert vegan choices. We got some Vegan Whoopie Pies- one pumpkin and the other lemon poppy seed. They were beyond words delicious. Also, we got some vegan Nanaimo bars which also were totally totally scrumptious. It would be dangerous for my waistline to be living close to this place!

Griffin Takeaway

3311 8th St E (at Trans-Canada Hwy )

Griffin on Facebook

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